Monitoring and Optimization of Blasting Processes by Eisenwerk Würth GmbH


Eisenwerk Würth, a traditional manufacturer of blasting abrasives for surface finishing, is developing, among other things, a novel IT-supported solution for monitoring and optimising blasting processes as part of its digitization strategy. Eisenwerk Würth was looking for a reliable partner for the software implementation of this solution, especially for the processing, analysis and evaluation of machine data and process data.


Based on the Sialogic platform, a solution tailored to Eisenwerk Würth’s specific use case could be implemented step by step. For this purpose, relevant sensor data was identified and connected to the Sialogic platform via standard protocols, fused there and enriched by calculating performance indicators. In the next step, process-relevant data monitoring, status messages and alarms were mathematically defined and configured in the Sialogic platform. In user- and use-case-specific views, the data of interest is correlated and visualized. The platform bundles all these settings as a component prototype and thus enables the fast and efficient instantiation of further plants in the future.


With the digitization solution implemented, among other things, the condition of the plant, material and energy consumption, capacity utilization and efficiency of the blasting plants are recorded, analyzed and made directly accessible to all those involved in the process. In this way, Eisenwerk Würth can provide direct evidence of the high quality of its blasting products on the one hand and effectively support its customers in the implementation, documentation and optimization of blasting processes on the other.

“In Sialogic, we have found a partner that is trustworthy, extremely competent and highly innovative in order to proactively and sustainably tackle the IT systems challenges of digital transformation.”

Joachim Vianden, Managing Director of Eisenwerk Würth GmbH

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